Micro - Planning

  1. Listing of blind persons, particularly those blind in both eyes
    • All persons aged 50 years and above should be enumerated in each village.
    • Screening by trained health staff, NGO's, Panchayat Members or volunteers after one day training.
    • The confirmed cases of blind be entered in the village wise Blind Register for computerisation.
  2. Mapping of eye care infrastructure
    Plotting all fixed facilities: Government, voluntary and private sectors. Mapping: As per norms allocate each facility a target
    • 1 eye surgeon=700 cataract surgeries ply, 1 eye bed =50 surgeries p/y.
    • Distribute the target to the facilities by linking villages, keeping in view distance to be covered.
  3. Target setting
    Cataract Surgery Rate:
    CSR upto 600/100,000 population over 3 years.
    • Gender: To ensure more than 50 per cent coverage.
    • Social Class: Minimum 40 per cent of target, belonging to SC/ST and minority groups.
    • Economic Criteria: Block wise target to ensure equal coverage of all villages and 60 per cent of persons living below poverty line (as per DRDA definition of poverty) with free cataract surgery.
  4. Options for surgical services
    Surgeries must be conducted in properly airconditioned, dust free and sterile operation theatres.
    Technical options:
    • Operations performed by IOLsurgery:
      For providing universal access to IOLsurgery, requisite equipments including operating microscope and trained eye surgeon should be ensured.
    • Operations be performed by conventional surgery in the absence of a trained surgeon.
  5. Assessment of resources
    • Material- Drugs and consumables, sutures, IOLs, spectacles etc.
      Eye Ointments: Atropine (1%),Local antibiotic: Framycetin/Gentamicin etc., Local antibiotic steriod ointment
      Ophthalmic Drops: Xylocaine 4%(30 ml), Local antibniotic: Framycetin/Gentamicin etc., Local antibiotic steriod drops, Pilocarpine Nitrate 2%,Timolol 0.5%, Homatropine 2%,Tropicamide 1%
      Injections: Xylocaine 2%(30 ml), Inj. Hyalase (Hyaluronidase), Gentamycin, Betamethasone/Dexamethasone, Inj. Marcaine (0:5%) (for regional anesthesia), Inj. Adrenaline, Ringer Lacate (540 ml) from reputed firm Surgical Assessories: Gauze, Green Shades, Blades (Carbon Steel), Opsite surgical gauze (10x14 c.m.), Double needle Suture (commodity asstt. GOI), Visco-elastics from reputed firm
    • Manpower- Eye surgeons, opthalmic assistance, trained nurses, volunteers, counsellors
    • Financial - Availability of funds as per guidelines
  6. Monitoring for Quality Control
    • Periodic review to be undertaken by the DSCS to assess the progress in each block by individual provider unit.
    • Concurrent monitoring of individuals and organizations to assess the validity of reported data regarding status of follow-up, provisions of glasses and patient satisfaction.