The objectives of a good Storekeeping are as under: -

  1. To receive the materials ordered by the purchase department (in case of Decentralised system) and supplied by the vendors in a proper maintains as per the laid down procedure.
  2. To ensure the correctness in the quality, quantity, specifications, condition of the materials received from vendors.
  3. To stock the materials received from vendors properly as to ensure easy access identification, verification, handling, maintenance etc.
  4. To ensure proper stocking of materials by using appropriate method of care and preservation to avoid any damage and loss.
  5. To ensure a smooth issue of materials to the issue department.
  6. To ensure accurate accounting of the materials receiver and issued.
  7. To ensure a favorable working atmosphere is maintained for the personnel working in the store.
  8. To ensure proper safety measures are taken for the safety of the store building, materials in the store and the men working in the store.
  9. To ensure that the store is always maintained up to date in all respects in a presentable condition.
Duties and Function:
The duties and function of the personnel working in store should be clearly defined to them to enable them to carry out the same according. Job descriptions should be prepared for each and every one of the personnel working in store.

The Manager of the store should be will conversant with the duties of easy are and should educate and guide the personnel working under him about their duties. The job descriptions of the personnel of the store are as shown in the Appendices.

The function of the store is as following:-
  1. To receive the materials supplied by the vendor as per the purchase order placed by the Purchase Department.
  2. To check the materials thoroughly for quality, quantity, specification condition, condition etc.
  3. To categories the materials categorywise and stock in the appropriate locations.
  4. To take appropriate action for care and preservation of the materials.
  5. Periodical stock verification and ensure correctness of stock at all times.
  6. To take safety measure for the safely by store house, materials and men working in store.
  7. To maintain the neat and tidiness of store house.
  8. To issue materials to the departments as per the indents.
  9. To issue materials to departments as per the schedule.
  10. To pass the bills of the materials received from vendor and send it to Accounts department for payment.
  11. To carry out periodical condemnation board for the unserviceable materials.
  12. To take action for disposal of scraps materials as per the procedure.
  13. To maintain all the documents up to data.
  14. Generate reports and submit to concerted authorities.
  15. To attend audit by the auditors.
Designation: MANAGER (Stores)

The Manager (Stores) is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:-
  i) Responsible to Administrator.
  ii) He is the overall in charge of both general and patients medicine stores.
  iii) He will plan the store activities like estimating, budgeting, purchasing etc..
  iv) He will impart training to the subordinates and explain their duties and responsibilities.
  v) He will supervise the functioning of both general and medicines store and give guidance as to how to maintain the store.
  vi) He will find out the sources of supply for various types of materials.
  vii) He will call for quotations and receive them from the suppliers during the month of February every year.
  viii) He will prepare the comparative statement of quotations and will get the approval of management for the selection of the supplier.
  ix) He will pass the bills and send them to accounts for payment to the suppliers.
  x) He will function as lead faculty on MMS for various courses like PGDHM course, hospital Administrators and other courses.
  xi) He will keep in touch with the senior management officials and give proper reports/feedbacks and also get instructions for compliance on day to day works.
  xii) He will keep inter department relationships with all department / satellite hospitals for inter actions on matters relating to materials.
  xiii) He will attend various meetings in the organization.
  xiv) He will verify all the documents including purchase order and sign them.
  xv) He will be responsible for the discipline and welfare of the personnel working under him.
  xvi) He will receive the materials from suppliers strictly as per the rules.
  xvii) Verify the stock periodically and ensure submission of various reports to various authorities at appropriate time.
  xviii) He will report any abnormal occurrences in his department to the management.
  xix) In addition to the above, he will carry out any other duties given by the management.

Designation :Store Keeper

The store keeper is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:-
  i) Responsible to store manager.
  ii) Maintain the store neat and tidy.
  iii) Stock the materials in proper manner in the appropriate location code number wise and category wise.
  iv) Carry out periodical physical verification and asses the stock position.
  v) Prepare purchase order and submit for signature of manager and send to different suppliers.
  vi) Receive the goods supplied by the supplier.
  vii) During receipt of goods from the supplier they help store manager to check the quantity and quality and stock the materials in appropriate location.
  viii) Enter the bills in the goods inward register and then pass on to the computer operator.
  ix) They issue the materials to the user departments on receipt of indent.
  x) They check the indents for correctness in all respects. If found OK, they issue the materials. If they find any mistakes or discrepancies they return the indent for rectification.
  xi) They issue the materials for camps and also receive back the balance materials on completion of the camps.
  xii) They pack the materials for satellite hospitals for sending by the van or courier or by the private transports.
  xiii) After all the transactions are completed, they verify the stock at the closing hours daily.
  xiv) Whenever computer operator proceeds on leave, they work on computer.
  xv) In addition to the above, any other duties given by the manager or the management.

Designation: Computer Operator

The computer operator is responsible for the following duties and responsibilities:-
  i) Computer operator is responsible to manager for all matters relating to computer.
  ii) Make all the data entries in to the computer.
  iii) Feed the bills in to the computer for taking the materials on inventory charge.
  iv) Feed all the indents in to the computer for writing off the materials from the inventory.
  v) Generate all reports periodically at appropriate times to be submitted to various authorities.
  vi) Maintain the computer to keep it always in serviceable condition. If any problem is found with the computer inform to EDP through manager.
  vii) Help manager and other store keepers on store management like periodical stock verification, audit and so on.
  viii) Give training to store keepers about the computer operations.
  ix) In addition to the above, any other job given by the manager and management.