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Strategic Planning Tools
Vol. 2 No.3 March 2005
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This month we want to feature all the Strategic Planning Tools on various areas of Eye Care Service Delivery. Hence this part takes you to the quick overview of all the products available in this topic.

To access all the resources on Refractive Errors, go to the homepage of the site (www.v2020eresource.org) and enter your user name and password on the boxes provided at the end of the page. This will take you to the Resource bank page where you will find the key areas and management processes. You can also find an "Expert Search" button at the top right corner under the menu bar of the page. Please click on the button to enter into the Expert Search page. Or please click on the following link to get into the Expert Search page of out Site: www.v2020eresource.org

In this page you will find three categories being listed, Key Areas, Management Processes, and Material Type. Key Areas and Management processes are same as the one in the Simple Search page or Resource Bank page, and the Material type is different from the others. If you want to access the products on the Material type, like you want only the Patient Education Brochures of our site, you can checkmark the Brochures box and click Submit, you will get the search result page with all the brochures and pamphlets on various eye diseases and disorders.

As we want to feature the Strategic Planning Tools, you need to click on the Tools box on the Material Type, and click Submit at the bottom of this page. The resources under this category of check will be listed down in 2 pages, with 10 products. The resources under category include
  • Magnitude of Cataract Blindness Estimation Tool
  • Investment Analysis for Phaco and Yag laser Tool
  • Existing Eye Hospital Strategic Planning Tool
  • Estimation of Diabetic Retinopathy Services in a Service Area Population
  • Assessing needs for Starting a New Eye Hospital
  • Investment Analysis for General Equipments
  • Equipments needed for Paediatric Eye Care Unit
  • Estimation of Refractive Error Service in a Service Area Population
  • Human Resources required for setting up the Paediatric Eye Care Unit
  • Return on Investment - Web based financial planning tool for Paediatric Department

You can find an Abstract, Guideline, and Refer to friends, See Product, Write a Review and Place your vote for each product. Also you will find a User Manual as a word document and a Tutorial attached with most of the tools listed above. The User manual and tutorial provides step by step guiding principle on how to use the tool.

All these products are tested and hence you can download directly for your own use to plan yourself for a particular activity, like to start a new eye hospital in your service area, to extend your services with the addition of new departments, the initial cost involved in purchasing the instruments etc.

All these materials are useful as a tool for building up the quality in your work. We are expecting your usage of the tools and the feedback which will help us to improve ourselves to come up with more resources of this kind.


Lions Club International Foundation

We are very much delighted to collaborate with other Eye Care websites and Resource Centres to reach out more people and develop useful resources. This month we are featuring Lions Club International Foundation as our collaborating partner.

Lions Clubs International Foundation, the grant-making arm of Lions Clubs International, brings help, hope and healing to the world. LCIF enables Lions to tackle global problems such as blindness and hearing loss and respond to major catastrophes such as earthquakes and floods. But LCIF also helps Lions serve their local communities by partnering with them to build schools, health clinics and vocational training centers for the disabled.

SightFirst is Lions' most ambitious and most successful initiative ever. Thanks to SightFirst, Lions have restored sight to 4.6 million people through cataract surgeries, prevented serious vision loss for 20 million people and improved eye care services for hundreds of millions.

Aravind and LCIF:
Aravind and LCIF go hand in hand. The Lions Club has supported many activities at Laico and Aravind. LCIF has supported the SF-742 Diabetic Retinopathy project from 2000 to 2004. The main aim of the project is to reduce the blindness resulting from Diabetes and also to develop a model for Diabetic Retinopathy. The project is over last December with the expected outcomes like creating awareness among the people, conducting separate cams for Diabetic Retinopathy, training courses in laser and long term fellowship for ophthalmologists etc. Soon we are going to publish the Diabetic Retinopathy Service model in our site which will be useful for our Users and readers render the service.

Hence as part of extending all these activities we are actively looking into ways of strengthening the partnership.