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Welcome to the fourth issue of SiteNews! We hope you have found the resources on the site to be helpful. For those of you who are first-timers this issue includes a quick overview of the website's content along with details of exciting new resources.
Each issue highlights a particularly effective available product, and this issue features our Medical Records Protocol a document that has proved extremely helpful for eye care managers. This month's featured partner is the UK-based Sight Savers International. In addition to all our regular columns this issue introduces Site Forum - a recently added feature that has already sparked interesting and informative online discussions among the global eye care community.
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The Issue Features...
Medical Records Protocol
Vol. 1 No.7 July 2004
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As part of developing new products, this month we have developed and uploaded a document on the Diabetic Retinopathy Outreach Model, a comprehensive resource which which provides information on how to plan, organize and run a Diabetic Retinopathy outreach camp.

In addition we have also uploaded FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sheets for a wide-range of eye conditions including:
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Computer Vision Syndrome
  • Lowvision
  • Trachoma
  • Dry Eyes
  • Contact lens
  • Eye Glasses
  • Neuro ophthalmology

The Vision 2020 e-resource website users includes a wide array of ophthalmologists, administrators, managers, community outreach workers and paramedical staff from all over the world. In order to familiarize more people with the available resources, the Aravind Eye Care System has brought out a demo CD, and has also given live demonstrations of the site to visiting teams from all over India as well as a team of workshop participants from Malawi.


Introducing Site Forum - an exciting new feature that makes it possible to ask questions or initiate an online discussion relating to eye care and virtually engage with sight workers from around the world. The Siteforum facilitates cross-learning and offers a wide platform to exchange views and allows for direct open floor questions on various topics.

With Siteforum, you can
  1. Post a question or a new topic for discussion
  2. Take part on the discussion an existing topic by replying to it

How to start the search?

Go to the homepage of the site by pasting the website address: http://www.v2020eresource.org/. Click on the link Siteforum.This will lead you to the Siteforum page directly.

It also contains links to Add a new Discussion Topic and Existing Discussion topic.

If you click on the Add a new Discussion Topic,

you will be taken to a page which asks you for the new topic and you can click Submit after entering the topic in the box provided.

The homepage of the Siteforum also shows you the existing topics, in which you can choose any one, and this will take you the respective page.

The first thread message is also displayed with the name of the user and also the "Full Discussion" icon.

If you click on the "Full Discussion" icon, the following discussion page contains all the posted messages of the particular topic with the name of the user, date and time of posting, and with a "Reply" icon under each message. In this page you can reply to the original message by clicking on the "Reply" icon.

You can post your message by filling up the following form.

Also you can add a new sub topic to the existing message by clicking on the "Add a New Sub Topic" icon which is at the left corner of the Existing topic page.

We are eager to hear any feedback or suggestions about its user-friendliness. Our aim is to make this site as useful and as easy-to-use as possible for you. And with your help we can make it happen!


This section features products which our voters have ranked highly. This month we are featuring one of our most popular products: the Medical Records Protocol. Currently our site contains other key protocols for Sterilization of Instruments, Cataract Surgery and Community Outreach.

Medical Records Protocol:

Abstract: This document covers the standard protocol to maintain medical records and issue reports. It provides model case sheets for various patient categories including preoperative cataract/IOL ,cataract/IOL surgery record, postoperative cataract/IOL surgery record, follow-up and discharge record, as well as flowcharts illustrating the work flow for new and review registration.

Guideline: The material will be useful for eye hospitals and other eye care institutions who want to improve and standardize their methods of managing and maintaining patient records and subsequent report generation.

Please have a look at the product here: Medical Records Protocol


Sight Savers International:

We are delighted to collaborate with other resource centres and eye care websites. In this issue we wish to feature one of our collaborating partners: Sight Savers International

Established in the early 1950's the founder, Sir John Wilson, set about realizing his dream - to help more people in the world's poorest countries to see again. He took the first step in setting up an international organization that would restore sight in the developing world.

Aravind has been connected to Sight Savers through their active supporting role in the Eye Care Capacity Building workshops run by the Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology. Besides these, the other projects of Sight Savers is also supported by Aravind like the CES (Comprehensive Eye Services) that are based around well equipped and staffed Eye Hospitals that run a variety of community outreach programmes, such as screening camps to identify people who need surgery. As a part of this we have also established an active link to their website and we are seeking ways of strengthening the partnership.